Jacqueline Quinn

I’m a painter...and printmaker...not the pixel kind of print but the, get my hands covered in ink and turn the wheel of the press, kind of print.
The kind of prints that are one off, that have been taken through the press a dozen times and there isn’t another like it….no one else will have that piece of art in their home, kind of print.
Same with my paintings, no giclee prints, all originals, all handmade, with fingerprints embedded into the paint.
My love is of colour and texture.
The northern landscape, Northumberland, its craggy, sharp features, soft moss and heather.
Cup and ring marks, sacred symbols hewn into rock.
Each piece is memory, an echo.
The feeling of a place, a time, the weather, a faint recollection of the brow of a hill, a stand of trees, heather on the moor side…..the work is about the earth, the land, the sea, the beck, the rock.

Instructions for living a life
by Mary Oliver
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

My work is the telling of my astonishment at this corner of our vast and beautiful earth.